"WordPress Security Secrets Revealed!"

Is WordPress Secure? Watch my 2 minute video and find out.

March 30, 2015


In my FREE "Secure WordPress" Video Mini Course,
You'll Learn:

  • What the secret ingredient needed to secure WordPress is.
    Hint: It's something no one else talks much about online.
  • How forgetting to do this one thing can leave your entire site open to attack no matter how secure you've made it (my video will show you step-by-step what to do).
  • We'll role play with a character, Dimitri, and I'll show you how he could hack into your blog even though you've done everything possible to secure it.
  • How to encrypt key areas of your blog so it would take over a trillion years for someone to decrypt things like your password.
  • How we can use Google to inform us if our blogs have been hacked.
  • ...and much more!

What Others Are Saying About My eBook
WordPress Defender

remarkablogger"A few weeks ago, John kindly gave me a review copy of WordPress Defender. At 150 pages of solid instructional content, plus 14 16 step-by-step videos, this thing is no joke.

Most of us aren’t WordPress security experts, but that’s ok, because John explains everything so that even non-techie folks can lock down their blogs against attack."

Quote taken from Michael Martine's article referencing WordPress Defender (a book I wrote about securing WordPress).

"WordPress Defender is WordPress security for the masses.

Seriously, I think that just about everyone using WordPress will benefit from this book. Plus, John’s easy-going, laid-back writing style makes you feel right at home as he walks you through the many different ways of protecting your site.

If you use WordPress and need to know more about how to protect your site against villains, you need to check him out."

Jeff Starr of Digging Into WordPress

"John clearly knows what he is talking about and is skilled at bridging the gap between his extensive knowledge and that of a newbie or someone of less technological expertise.

His tutorials are written so anyone can understand how to secure their blog. Easy-to-follow steps, simple diagrams and how-to videos make this is a super resource for WordPress bloggers. The "it will never happen to me" fallacy is the only thing that is under attack here; don't risk letting your blog be the other."

Davina Haisell
Davina Haisell

"I would recommend your eBook and free mini course to anyone who has a WordPress blog. The book and course are fantastic examples of how to make a highly technical subject understandable to those of us who have no coding skills, but can cut and paste.

I also enjoy reading it for the bits of humor. Can’t say that about many technical books."

Keith Davis
Keith Davis

Yes, John! I Want To Learn What I Need To Know To Better Secure My WordPress Blog
and Keep Hackers Out


Wishing you a safe, hack-free blogging future,

John Hoff